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Long story short a week or so ago I sent pizzas around the world while slightly intoxicated. The following day to show that we’re people of our word here Soraya and I used the rest of the bitcoins to provide pizza to over 132 people.

It took a bit of time but I thought I’d collect all the information relating to what we’ve started referring to as our drunken act of pizza which you can read about on Reddit here.

To those of you who are new to our little community we really appreciate your support.

We’re a little British start-up and we never dreamed we’d have this amazing community surrounding us and pushing us forward to achieve bigger and better things. If you’re interested in taking part of our beta please signup here or just want to meet like-minded people. 

Finally, welcome to all our new American users as we’ve added support for you too!


We're coming to America! But we're bringing a pint of peace as we've opened our site to American users!

We’re coming to America! But we’re bringing a pint of peace as we’ve opened our site to American users!

Thanks for reading! If you need more information I’m /u/sobeyharker on Reddit and Daniel Sobey-Harker on Campus Society.

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