Today Soraya, Kim, Rafaela, Oliver, Feroze, Adrian, and myself all made it to Marylebone Campus for the Fresher Fair to introduce Campus Society.

We met a lot of the societies that will be running this year and we’ve talked to everyone about what it is we’re looking to do and how we can help them grow. As such the Campus Society grows bigger and stronger thanks to these awesome teams, causes, and societies coming on board!

The Ice Challenge Game was a massive success. Kim & Rafaela watched people suffer all day. 

One thing that was getting a lot of attention was the Ice Challenge game we were running for people to get the chance to get either a voucher they can exchange on their Campus for £4 towards food, drink, or supplies – and better yet if they got the lucky 7 ball they got a Campus Society T-shirt which highlights our #FightWithWords campaign!

Showing off a few of the t-shirts with students. Kim looking fetch.


Something we’re keen to do on Campus Society is focus on discussion and have people challenge specific views and perceptions. Our t-shirts will feature different standpoints each time we run an event so this time we had the following:

“Entry Level Job – 18 years experience required”

“Guys and Girls can’t be just friends”

“British Food Sucks”

“Size does matter!”

“A philosophy  degree is soooo useful”


A better look at what we’re running round in


So if you want one of these t-shirts you can grab one tomorrow at Harrow Campus as we’re running our stall there too! As an added bonus we’ll also be giving out free drink tokens too at the Student Union Bar.

One of the players of the game working feeling back into their arm.

So if you want the chance to win some swag and some frostbite come see us!

If you want to see what else we’re getting up to you can follow us on Twitter & Facebook to keep in the loop!

Bonus: Adrian ducking for missing numbers.