The monday update is here!

Now I know we don’t always get these right but we’ve got some exciting news! The @Mentions feature has now been implemented throughout the website and we’re proud of how Jamie, Abraham, Gleison, and Feroze have smoothly rolled it out under our noses.

We’re pretty excited to be honest so expect to be tagged in things that Soraya and I think you might like.

Here's our tech team working on some sweet new features.

Jamie pondering over something beyond our comprehension, probably.

@Mentions – The @Mention feature a lot of you will be familiar with from a few other social sites will allow you to tag users in your chat messages and in post/resource comments. This will send them a notification if they’re online or an email informing them if they’re not.

More work will go into this feature to help with usability but as of its first release you can tag anyone on the site. Including myself or Soraya if you need help in the community.

Line breaks – Another snazzy little feature that may be overlooked is the fact you now have line breaks in posts. Making it clearer to make your wall of text rants and raves. It’ll also mean that you can have discussions in detail without things looking cluttered.

Working hyperlinks – Ok so this may sound basic but now hyperlinks will display properly in chat and in posts. Sorry about that but in fairness to the team they’ve been working very hard on the app and other bigger features.

Weekly Summary – We’re rather excited to have everyone posting and chatting but we’ve noticed it’s getting harder to keep up to date. To make sure you have a general awareness of what’s going on we’ve introduced a weekly summary so once a week you can see how many people have liked your posts, followed you, and which of your subscribed channels have had new posts for you to browse.

Bug stomping – Without going into too much detail a few of the load error bugs have been fixed and classes now display properly.



In unrelated news Soraya and I went around to Westminster and met the student union team to get a better idea of what Freshers Fair will be like next week. With over 6000 students this year it’s certainly going to be a busy one.

We mingled a little and chatted with a few but Soraya’s main goal was the student buffet table stocked with pizza, chicken wings, and tortilla crisps. With the buffet demolished, a few names exchanged, we’ve made it back to the office in time to tell you about all these lovely new features.

If you go to our instagram you can see Soraya drinking apple juice and playing with a Japanese kanji stamp.

TL;DR: We’re going to tag everyone in everything because it’s new and we’re getting carried away.