A few months ago we invited Victoria Taylor, formerly of Reddit, to join Campus Society. It was equal parts sticking our noses up at Reddit for what we perceived as a genuine injustice and sincerely trying to bring someone on board who really understands how online communities really work. While we’re unlike Reddit in that we don’t just let anyone join, as you have to be a student, we do allow anyone to create a channel and do what they will with it. We’re a platform to advocate discussion, collaboration, and education. If you’re interested in learning more or want to sign up you can do so here. 

On the 18/09/2015 Victoria Taylor of We Work came and visited our Campus Society HQ in London to share with us some of her accrued knowledge from working with one of the biggest communities in the world.

We got sandwiches from Jimmy’s while we traded stories (Soraya’s probably on instagram).

I have to say first hand, as a community manager and redditor personally, it was incredibly insightful and brilliant to meet her. It’s easy to see why she has handled so many AMAs in a flawless fashion as she’s genuinely a competitor for the title of “Most Interesting Woman in the World”. We also had the opportunity to meet her husband Peter who also possessed keen observations on how we can improve our ability to help students in disadvantaged educational backgrounds connect with those in more established ones. No one prior to us has bothered to take the time to build a community around not just the UK and the U.S but the Middle East as it’s not seen as profitable.

But as we’re a young startup the 50,000+ users we have pose various challenges as they’re from all over the world.

We took a break to chat about Victoria’s majestic cat, The Tiny.

It was great to have to that fresh set of eyes on us too to let us know whether we’re on the right track. With no corporate interests and private funding we’re able to really explore what makes us great and what will take us from the position of startup to a nationally known community. With support already being rolled out to U.S colleges and universities hopefully we can have some impact there and make a difference.

On a side note you should visit Sos & TheTiny’s own subreddit if you’re interested in adorable cats being cats in /r/sosandthetiny. 

You can tell I’m genuinely happy when my eyes almost disappear.

It was also a lot of fun! Victoria is genuinely one of the sweetest people I’ve met and while I’m usually a bit of a cynical grump I have to say it was fantastic all round to spend some time with her and pick her brain on everything from Monty Python to fiction novels.

Victoria with one of our founders, Rashid, donning the Campus Society badge as she joins our family.

We have hundreds of new students join our family every day so to have Victoria join us is quite the honour. It was the perfect day to meet us all in all as it coincided quite nicely with our first ever Campus Society Social in which we went out for drinks in London with the team and other people we work closely with.

We also took the chance to respond to /u/ScottishInGermany‘s wager on whether we were genuine. We’ll take the video on Vime, Vimeo, or Youtube please and thank you. Perhaps even .mp4 if you’re so kind.

Our new starter Jennifer (far left) also got a chance to prove she’s a real person.

The socials are now going to be a monthly deal with the next one on the 23rd of October. If you’re interested in getting involved and meeting the team please get in touch with soraya@campussociety.com and she’ll drop you an email with the details but you can also keep an eye on our Twitter & Facebook.

We simply had to pop down the pub as is required by UK law.

If you rock up wearing one of our coveted pin badges your drinks are on us all night! The only way to get one of those pin badges at the moment is to be the first person to get your onsite GPA to 4.0 or to do something spectacular for Campus Society like /u/korotano, /u/thebritishredditor, Kim Corti, or Rafaela Izzo have done for us. 

And of course just before Victoria & Peter took off for the night I had to get a quick selfie in.

So all in all the social was a great success and we’re looking forward to meeting more of you!

So thanks for reading and thanks for the continuing support! Those of you who want to learn more about Campus Society can do so here.

Let us know in the Reddit channel or Ask the Devs Channel what you think or in the comments below!