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Here we pick out some of our highlights from our community.

Westminster Fresher’s fair! The Campus Society Family Grows Evermore.

Today Soraya, Kim, Rafaela, Oliver, Feroze, Adrian, and myself all made it to Marylebone Campus for the Fresher Fair to introduce Campus Society.

We met a lot of the societies that will be running this year and we’ve talked to everyone about what it is we’re looking to do and how we can help them grow. As such the Campus Society grows bigger and stronger thanks to these awesome teams, causes, and societies coming on board!

The Ice Challenge Game was a massive success. Kim & Rafaela watched people suffer all day. 

One thing that was getting a lot of attention was the Ice Challenge game we were running for people to get the chance to get either a voucher they can exchange on their Campus for £4 towards food, drink, or supplies – and better yet if they got the lucky 7 ball they got a Campus Society T-shirt which highlights our #FightWithWords campaign!

Showing off a few of the t-shirts with students. Kim looking fetch.


Something we’re keen to do on Campus Society is focus on discussion and have people challenge specific views and perceptions. Our t-shirts will feature different standpoints each time we run an event so this time we had the following:

“Entry Level Job – 18 years experience required”

“Guys and Girls can’t be just friends”

“British Food Sucks”

“Size does matter!”

“A philosophy  degree is soooo useful”


A better look at what we’re running round in


So if you want one of these t-shirts you can grab one tomorrow at Harrow Campus as we’re running our stall there too! As an added bonus we’ll also be giving out free drink tokens too at the Student Union Bar.

One of the players of the game working feeling back into their arm.

So if you want the chance to win some swag and some frostbite come see us!

If you want to see what else we’re getting up to you can follow us on Twitter & Facebook to keep in the loop!

Bonus: Adrian ducking for missing numbers.

A few months ago we invited Victoria Taylor, formerly of Reddit, to join Campus Society. It was equal parts sticking our noses up at Reddit for what we perceived as a genuine injustice and sincerely trying to bring someone on board who really understands how online communities really work. While we’re unlike Reddit in that we don’t just let anyone join, as you have to be a student, we do allow anyone to create a channel and do what they will with it. We’re a platform to advocate discussion, collaboration, and education. If you’re interested in learning more or want to sign up you can do so here. 

On the 18/09/2015 Victoria Taylor of We Work came and visited our Campus Society HQ in London to share with us some of her accrued knowledge from working with one of the biggest communities in the world.

We got sandwiches from Jimmy’s while we traded stories (Soraya’s probably on instagram).

I have to say first hand, as a community manager and redditor personally, it was incredibly insightful and brilliant to meet her. It’s easy to see why she has handled so many AMAs in a flawless fashion as she’s genuinely a competitor for the title of “Most Interesting Woman in the World”. We also had the opportunity to meet her husband Peter who also possessed keen observations on how we can improve our ability to help students in disadvantaged educational backgrounds connect with those in more established ones. No one prior to us has bothered to take the time to build a community around not just the UK and the U.S but the Middle East as it’s not seen as profitable.

But as we’re a young startup the 50,000+ users we have pose various challenges as they’re from all over the world.

We took a break to chat about Victoria’s majestic cat, The Tiny.

It was great to have to that fresh set of eyes on us too to let us know whether we’re on the right track. With no corporate interests and private funding we’re able to really explore what makes us great and what will take us from the position of startup to a nationally known community. With support already being rolled out to U.S colleges and universities hopefully we can have some impact there and make a difference.

On a side note you should visit Sos & TheTiny’s own subreddit if you’re interested in adorable cats being cats in /r/sosandthetiny. 

You can tell I’m genuinely happy when my eyes almost disappear.

It was also a lot of fun! Victoria is genuinely one of the sweetest people I’ve met and while I’m usually a bit of a cynical grump I have to say it was fantastic all round to spend some time with her and pick her brain on everything from Monty Python to fiction novels.

Victoria with one of our founders, Rashid, donning the Campus Society badge as she joins our family.

We have hundreds of new students join our family every day so to have Victoria join us is quite the honour. It was the perfect day to meet us all in all as it coincided quite nicely with our first ever Campus Society Social in which we went out for drinks in London with the team and other people we work closely with.

We also took the chance to respond to /u/ScottishInGermany‘s wager on whether we were genuine. We’ll take the video on Vime, Vimeo, or Youtube please and thank you. Perhaps even .mp4 if you’re so kind.

Our new starter Jennifer (far left) also got a chance to prove she’s a real person.

The socials are now going to be a monthly deal with the next one on the 23rd of October. If you’re interested in getting involved and meeting the team please get in touch with and she’ll drop you an email with the details but you can also keep an eye on our Twitter & Facebook.

We simply had to pop down the pub as is required by UK law.

If you rock up wearing one of our coveted pin badges your drinks are on us all night! The only way to get one of those pin badges at the moment is to be the first person to get your onsite GPA to 4.0 or to do something spectacular for Campus Society like /u/korotano, /u/thebritishredditor, Kim Corti, or Rafaela Izzo have done for us. 

And of course just before Victoria & Peter took off for the night I had to get a quick selfie in.

So all in all the social was a great success and we’re looking forward to meeting more of you!

So thanks for reading and thanks for the continuing support! Those of you who want to learn more about Campus Society can do so here.

Let us know in the Reddit channel or Ask the Devs Channel what you think or in the comments below!

Weekly update #6

The monday update is here!

Now I know we don’t always get these right but we’ve got some exciting news! The @Mentions feature has now been implemented throughout the website and we’re proud of how Jamie, Abraham, Gleison, and Feroze have smoothly rolled it out under our noses.

We’re pretty excited to be honest so expect to be tagged in things that Soraya and I think you might like.

Here's our tech team working on some sweet new features.

Jamie pondering over something beyond our comprehension, probably.

@Mentions – The @Mention feature a lot of you will be familiar with from a few other social sites will allow you to tag users in your chat messages and in post/resource comments. This will send them a notification if they’re online or an email informing them if they’re not.

More work will go into this feature to help with usability but as of its first release you can tag anyone on the site. Including myself or Soraya if you need help in the community.

Line breaks – Another snazzy little feature that may be overlooked is the fact you now have line breaks in posts. Making it clearer to make your wall of text rants and raves. It’ll also mean that you can have discussions in detail without things looking cluttered.

Working hyperlinks – Ok so this may sound basic but now hyperlinks will display properly in chat and in posts. Sorry about that but in fairness to the team they’ve been working very hard on the app and other bigger features.

Weekly Summary – We’re rather excited to have everyone posting and chatting but we’ve noticed it’s getting harder to keep up to date. To make sure you have a general awareness of what’s going on we’ve introduced a weekly summary so once a week you can see how many people have liked your posts, followed you, and which of your subscribed channels have had new posts for you to browse.

Bug stomping – Without going into too much detail a few of the load error bugs have been fixed and classes now display properly.



In unrelated news Soraya and I went around to Westminster and met the student union team to get a better idea of what Freshers Fair will be like next week. With over 6000 students this year it’s certainly going to be a busy one.

We mingled a little and chatted with a few but Soraya’s main goal was the student buffet table stocked with pizza, chicken wings, and tortilla crisps. With the buffet demolished, a few names exchanged, we’ve made it back to the office in time to tell you about all these lovely new features.

If you go to our instagram you can see Soraya drinking apple juice and playing with a Japanese kanji stamp.

TL;DR: We’re going to tag everyone in everything because it’s new and we’re getting carried away. 

Beirut based students – We’re coming for you!

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 16.08.02

Uber and Campus Society are looking for an awesome team of campus ambassadors in Beirut!

Looking for an exciting opportunity to work with one of the fastest growing brands in the world?

Do you know the ins and outs of your city like the back of your hand? Well this semester, we’re looking for cool, smart, all-star students to help spread the UberLOVE across campuses in Beirut!


  • Fun. You’re a charismatic person that can talk to just about anyone. You’re fearless, flexible and want to share something awesome with the world.
  • Organized. You follow through on tasks and know how to keep a calendar. It’s been a while since you were truly overwhelmed.
  • Connected. You have a robust/active online presence and familiarity with social media, along with a strong knowledge of Beirut events and happenings.
  • Motivated. You have strong integrity and want to learn the Uber ways.


  • Source potential partnerships with your school’s organizations, events, and parties
  • Talk to anyone and everyone about Uber
  • Promote Uber via your personal and professional networks
  • Identify opportunities both on and off campus to promote Uber in a variety of creative ways
  • Make Uber a known brand and the transportation option of choice
  • Encourage college students’ ongoing and brand loyalty to Uber


Uber is one of the fastest moving startups in the world in over 330+ cities worldwide. You’ll get hands-on experience growing the brand in your city. Student Ambassadors are showered with Uber credits so they can roll around in style, which means no more bumming rides off that one friend with a car.

You think you have what it takes?

Gotta get down on Tuesday

As I said the a few weeks ago Monday equals update. We’re based in London and yesterday was a British Bank Holiday (Carnival!) so this week Tuesday equals Monday which equals update.

As we enter the final straight before releasing the wonderful Campus Society mobile app -yes and only yes- we’d like to call upon our beloved users to give us a hand in the testing process. You’ve been helping out from the very best beginning and it is thanks to your feedback that we’ve been able to adapt our rhythm to your needs. We still have lots to do, and we will keep working to make you guys proud. This is why it makes perfect sense that you are the first ones giving us your opinion on the app.

Many of you have voiced your concern in the last couple of months: “Where’s the app?”  “When’s the app coming out?”  “Do you know you could develop an app that people would actually use? “.

Yes. The app is nearly here. At last!

If you’d like to be EVEN MORE amazing, you could be part of the first bunch of users downloading the app and telling us what you love and what you hate about it. Let’s say, tell us what’s a yay and what’s a nay. (Hate is a strong word).

The only thing we’d need you to do is dropping us a line about it on Campus Society – to either me, Soraya Castellanos or Daniel Sobey-Harker. We’ll keep you on the loop and give you a heads up as soon as the app is available on Google Play / the App Store.

As a bonus here we are, Sobey-Harker and me, having lunch without really talking to each other face to face – we only use Campus Society. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 18.13.36 Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 18.13.46


Thanks in advance guys – and see you on Campus Society!

What I learned from sending 132 pizzas across the world, while drunk.


Click above to see our Reddit channel! Here you can discuss Reddit news and whatever takes your Reddit related fancy.  (Looking for moderators!)

Long story short a week or so ago I sent pizzas around the world while slightly intoxicated. The following day to show that we’re people of our word here Soraya and I used the rest of the bitcoins to provide pizza to over 132 people.

It took a bit of time but I thought I’d collect all the information relating to what we’ve started referring to as our drunken act of pizza which you can read about on Reddit here.

To those of you who are new to our little community we really appreciate your support.

We’re a little British start-up and we never dreamed we’d have this amazing community surrounding us and pushing us forward to achieve bigger and better things. If you’re interested in taking part of our beta please signup here or just want to meet like-minded people. 

Finally, welcome to all our new American users as we’ve added support for you too!


We're coming to America! But we're bringing a pint of peace as we've opened our site to American users!

We’re coming to America! But we’re bringing a pint of peace as we’ve opened our site to American users!

Thanks for reading! If you need more information I’m /u/sobeyharker on Reddit and Daniel Sobey-Harker on Campus Society.

Like sites like Reddit? Here are 52 other websites you can waste time in a handy list (all on one page).  

A level results competition giveaway!


Did you just get your A level results or know anyone who did?

To reward the hard work you’ve all put in we’re giving out iPads and other tablets with 50+ prizes in total. Participating is very, very easy.

What do you need to do?

1) Join the giveaway channel on Campus Society

2) Tell us your results and share your favourite snap from this summer!

Let me show you an example. This is a post from one of the participants.

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 14.09.35

Congratulations Frankie on smashing your A levels!

If your results were amazing and you want to show off, here’s a chance to do it. If they were not so good, do not worry, we’re still extremely proud of you – you can win a prize too!

Got it? Then join us to win one of the awesome prizes we’ve got for you.

Yes, it’s that simple!

UK students are applicable and further information can be found here:

Weekly Update #5

Monday equals update, so here’s what’s on our to do list for the next 5 days!

As of this week, we will display a more extensive catalogue of majors, classes and channels from several UK Universities. If you were missing any of your classes at some point in the past, you can now take a look at the new options offered under “Explore” and continue building your dashboard. We hope you’ll find everything you need in there but, if that’s not the case, please let us know!

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 11.40.49

Many of you have been asking about the mobile app lately. Is it happening? If so, when?

Yes, it is DEFINITELY happening for both Android and iOS.

We know how important it is to make the app available to all of our students as soon as possible, but we also want you to have the best experience when using it and this means we need to keep working on it for a little while.  We’re all very excited about the app in the office and really can’t wait to share it with you guys. Give us a few more weeks… we promise it’s going to be worth it!

In the meantime, we’re also improving the mobile version of the site for those of you who are already using CS on the go. From this week onwards, you will be able to log in on mobile through your Facebook account:


As we mentioned last week, we’re still working on a weekly activity update. What did you miss while you were not around? The update will inform you of your new followers, comments, likes… you’ll get a personal summary on whatever is relevant to you.

On that line, you may have noticed that you now receive email notifications whenever another user privately messages you on a 1-2-1 chat on Campus while you’re offline.

For more updates you can follow us on twitter @Campussociety and Facebookand  don’t forget to come back next Monday to take a look at our weekly update!

Weekly update #4

Hello hello

We hope you’ve all had a great weekend and that you’re ready to kill it this week. We sure are! It’s Monday again, which means we bring you a hot update:

To recap…

We now have default channels. When you first sign up you will now land on the strongest channels – those with the most active users and the best content. This means you will be able to meet people with your same preferences and  discover what’s happening on CS even if it’s your first time on the site and you’re still trying to figure it out.

Talking about figuring out – we’ve included some “stamps” with helpful information to help first time users understanding what belongs where.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.12.22Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 11.11.51









As I mentioned last week, Adrian and Jamie were indeed cooking something. If you’ve been online lately you’ve probably noticed some style changes in the sidebar. Looking prettier than ever.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 12.29.40

This week, the team will continue working on some tasks we started last week such as the members bar, the admin controls or the activity update that will get emailed to our users on a weekly basis.

We will also be working on data gathering – as you already know, we were not supposed to cater for US Universities just yet, but due to an overwhelming response, we’re putting all of our efforts on it and we’re trying to get your courses and classes ready as soon as possible. We’ve also noticed (with the help of your feedback) that some courses are still missing or that they aren’t absolutely accurate in the UK. We want to get them all right so we will keep working on this, but please continue to let us know if you can’t find your university / course. Remember you can not only create your own groups but also your classes, so feel free to help us out with those if you can’t find the right one for you!

This week, we will also communicate who will be the ambassadors for 11 London Universities. We’d like to thank everyone who showed interest and got in touch. We really can’t wait to work with you guys – we’ve got great plans for the new academic year!

 – If you’re studying in London and you’re interested in the Ambassador Program, drop us an email with your CV stating the University you will attend and the name of your course / year you’re on. You can reach us at / -

I’m trying to keep it short and sweet this time so, that’s all folks!

 You can read me again next Monday.

Weekly update #3

Here’s our third weekly update to keep you on the loop about what’s going on behind the scenes!

If you’ve been around for the last couple of weeks, you’ve probably witnessed big changes on the site. We finally got some really important enhancements such as persistent notifications, improved navigation through the chat history or the possibility of muting the notification sound. And there’s many more things on the horizon.

This week, the team will be working on the following:

Default channels. We want to make it easier for first time users to explore the existing groups and create new ones.  Based on the success of our current channels, we are developing some default groups for everyone to land in when you first sign up. This will help you get in touch with other like-minded students and discover what’s happening on the site.

Style. There will be some changes in the UI. I can’t tell you which ones exactly but let me just say that things are going to look even prettier. Watch this space – Adrian and Jamie are cooking something!

Talking about pretty things… the team is also working on improving image quality so that your pictures will look as amazing as they do on your own devices when you share them with everyone else on CS.

Members bar.  Ever wondered who those hundreds of users who joined the Fitness channel are? You will now be able to see who is in every group thanks to this new functionality that will expose a full members list.

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 12.59.49

We might need to get Abraham a cable management box

Admin controls. Channel administrators will be able to take ownership of their channels by being able to remove members or by sharing their administrator status with other users. Think of a Society channel for example: various administrators can work together to gain a better control of their group.

Even with the help of the wonderful persistent notifications it’s sometimes hard to keep up with everyone’s news. That’s why we’ve developed an Activity Update that will be emailed to our users weekly – this will include all the information that is relevant to you: new followers, likes, comments and replies.

Student life is hard enough as it is and we want to make things easier for our users. In order to make your first time on Campus Society enjoyable, fun and also pretty straight forward, we’re working on some support materials – FAQs and FTU tutorials.

Stay tuned for next week’s update!



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