So here’s our second weekly update, fresh from the oven!

After the overwhelming response we received a couple of weeks ago (from the Reddit community specially) our tech guys have been working non-stop in fortifying the site. Scaling the number of users we can support has taken Feroze, Abraham and Jamie the biggest chunk of the last week, and although it won’t be as visible as a fancy new feature, it’s always been a priority for us. We need to be ready for you lot! The increase in capacity will translate in an optimization of the loading speed and general functionality of the website, even when being hit by a big number of users – something that we’re hoping will happen more often than not.

Here's our tech team working on some sweet new features.

Here’s our tech team working on some sweet new features.

Although that task alone was very demanding, our team of superheroes has managed to keep up to speed and we will witness a few other changes this week:

Persistent notifications (those we’re all craving!) will be available from this week onwards. These will make it easier to keep track of your conversations with other users, get all the information about what’s going on in your different channels, see who likes and comments on your posts etc.

We will also be seeing some changes in the sign up process. We’re working on simplifying the sign up process so that we can focus on what really matters.

The Public Enemy Number One, the notification sound, is going down too. As of this week you will be able to mute any channel to avoid going mad with that beautiful pop sound.

Another infamous issue, the impossibility of scrolling up on the chat history in order to read old messages, will be fixed with the new update this week too. We can all breath now!

Together with these main improvements, we will have other feature fixes like it’s the case of the polls, which will be fully functional by the end of the week.

As you can see, our team hasn’t stopped for a second (we sometimes have lunch*) but all this wouldn’t be possible without all your feedback. We’ve had hundred of users telling us what they love and what they hate day after day, and this has helped us a lot deciding what comes next. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So I’m going to be a bit cheeky here and ask you to please continue to tell us what you love, what annoys you and what you can’t live without.

You will find a member of the team online at Campus Society 24/7, we’re here to help. You can show us some love, that’s always welcome, but please feel free to hit us with your questions, suggestions, and requests as well.

Don’t miss next week’s update, who knows what’s coming up next?


*Disclaimer: We do have lunch everyday. Sometimes even twice.