Starting from today we’re going to be giving you a weekly update on what features we’re going to be working on. These updates will feature a brief rundown of what features you can expect to see by the following Monday.

We have collected a staggering amount of feedback over the weekend and the team is thrilled to have your input as it means we can make Campus Society more useful to you.

Here's myself and Soraya reading how much everyone hates the pop noitification sound.

Here’s myself and Soraya reading how much everyone hates the pop noitification sound.

Persistent Notifications – As you may have noticed our notification engine is rather temperamental. It’s only a week old, in fairness, but our next update will improve how you receive notifications and it’ll mean you won’t have to worry about losing your notifications when you logout or refresh the page.

Performance – This isn’t that glamorous but let’s face it without it we don’t have a site that can live up to what we all want it to do. The lesson we learned on Friday was no matter how well we think we’ve built something Reddit will come along and just kick it to the ground anyway.

We suspect, and when I say we I mean Feroze, Jamie, and Abraham, that we have identified some of the key issues that were occurring when under very high loads on Friday when the tidal wave of curious people hit.

This will lead to better load times and less down time.

Signup Process - We got a lot of feedback on our signup process and we’ve taken the hint that you found it rather taxing. To save on new users going through this hellish induction we’ll make sure it’s less soulsucking.

To put it simply we’re going to strip out a few of the steps and required options before you join. However we can’t remove everything because we need some of that information to put you into the right areas on the site.

Polls – These shouldn’t be too much trouble to fix but we’re opting to get these resolved because then we’ll have an easy way to ask the community what changes you want to see next.


Getting up close and personal with Adrian while the rest of the team are fixing bugs.


So there you have it.

This is what the development team will be working on for the next week with Campus Society and we hope these updates are to your liking. Keep an eye out for next Monday for more exciting updates.

TLDR: We’re updating things. Next week we’re updating things. Every week we’re updating things.