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Hello Victoria,

We’re recently under the impression from events that have unfolded overnight that you’ve been mistreated. Which based on the years of service you’ve provided for one of the biggest online communities in the world we find that absurd. While we don’t know the details under why this has happened, and we wouldn’t want to presume, we do know for a fact you are someone that passionately cares about the community you work with.

There are countless examples of times you have gone out of your way to provide more than you were obligated to for users of Reddit. The response the community has shown to your dismissal is more than testament to that and quite frankly moving.

Campus Society is a startup, we’re small, we’re located in London and to be honest the weather here is terrible. But what we lack in fancy offices and a scandalous CEO we make up for in pure tenacity. On Monday we launched our site and today one of our team made a small and innocuous post on which turned our easy Friday “Let’s-go-for-a-pint” finish into a massive, frantic, frenzy to try and keep things together. We’ve had a 700% increase in signup over the past hour alone and we’re a little bit afraid as we didn’t plan for such attention so early on for our site but we’re plowing on ahead regardless!

While we do have a fresh and talented team of people who care about the site and our mission to connect students via their universities, campuses, and interests we are certainly new to the community management side of things. Here’s where your recent situation comes into play really – would you like to work with us?

The management of Reddit might not have love for you but we certainly do and we could do with the help in managing our community here. We’re seeing amazing growth and a lot of interest here in London, UK, but amazingly the rest of the world too. As a newly funded startup – you could help shape something great.

We feel that you’d be a brilliant addition to the team and are definitely the kind of person who could lead Campus Society forward to where we want to go. This would be a fully paid role, one that would blow away any community, and we’d love to pay for you to fly out with us to explore the opportunity and allow us to show you what we’re about.

Probably go for a pint too as it sounds like after today you could do with a drink.

So come take a short holiday, visit London, and see if you would like to become Victoria of Campus Society.

Kind regards,

Daniel Sobey-Harker

If any users wish to discuss this letter you can do it in the Reddit Channel on Campus Society. / @sobeyharker

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