As I said the a few weeks ago Monday equals update. We’re based in London and yesterday was a British Bank Holiday (Carnival!) so this week Tuesday equals Monday which equals update.

As we enter the final straight before releasing the wonderful Campus Society mobile app -yes and only yes- we’d like to call upon our beloved users to give us a hand in the testing process. You’ve been helping out from the very best beginning and it is thanks to your feedback that we’ve been able to adapt our rhythm to your needs. We still have lots to do, and we will keep working to make you guys proud. This is why it makes perfect sense that you are the first ones giving us your opinion on the app.

Many of you have voiced your concern in the last couple of months: “Where’s the app?”  “When’s the app coming out?”  “Do you know you could develop an app that people would actually use? “.

Yes. The app is nearly here. At last!

If you’d like to be EVEN MORE amazing, you could be part of the first bunch of users downloading the app and telling us what you love and what you hate about it. Let’s say, tell us what’s a yay and what’s a nay. (Hate is a strong word).

The only thing we’d need you to do is dropping us a line about it on Campus Society – to either me, Soraya Castellanos or Daniel Sobey-Harker. We’ll keep you on the loop and give you a heads up as soon as the app is available on Google Play / the App Store.

As a bonus here we are, Sobey-Harker and me, having lunch without really talking to each other face to face – we only use Campus Society. 

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 18.13.36 Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 18.13.46


Thanks in advance guys – and see you on Campus Society!